I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

No Summer is complete without a hefty dose of ICE CREAM!



Ice Cream Summer by Peter Sis- This book kind of fell flat for both of my storytimes.  It was a little beyond my 2-3 yr olds, and the 3-5 yr olds gave no response. I thought it was cute though.  It’s about a little boy who’s writing a letter to his Grandpa about how his summer is going.


Summer is Summer by Phillis and David Gershator- A cute repetitive story about all kinds of fun summer activities.


Summer’s Vacation by Lynn Plourde- Summer decides she doesn’t want to do her chores, and decides to play some more, even though Father Time and Mother Earth keep telling she needs to get to work.  She finally realizes how important her chores are when the earth starts to turn brown from the endless Summer.


Sunflower House by Eve Bunting- Sunflowers are Summer’s flowers.  A cute story about planting seeds and enjoying the flowers when they bloom, then waiting for them to come again next year.


One Magical Day by Claire Freedman-Adorable illustrations of all kinds of mommy and baby animals enjoying a nice Summer day.


Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems-Have I mentioned that I love Elephant and Piggie?!  Gerald is fretting about whether or not he should go find Piggie and share his ice cream, but all that time wasted worrying, and his ice cream melted!  Good thing he has a great best friend named Piggie who happens to show up ready to share.


I loved this week’s craft.  I cut out brown triangles for the cones, and gave the kids the option of using finger paints or tissue paper.  I gave them some jewels to use as sprinkles, too.  Such creativity!




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