To Infinity and beyond….

This week’s storytime theme was Space!  I really had no idea how many cute picture books there are about space and astronauts.  It was a little difficult to weed down the pile of books I’d collected.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I work in a small library, so these are just the ones we had in our collection.  There are tons of other ones out there, but these are the books I used (and I was quite pleased with them).

I did two different storytimes.  The first was 2-3 year old, the second group was 3 1/2-5 year olds.  So I organized the books here according to the age group.

Group 1-


Astronauts Are Sleeping- Natalie Standiford

This is a cute, simple book that goes through what the astronauts are dreaming off.  What is it?  Earth,of course!



Sheep Blast Off!- Nancy Shaw

Sheep find a strange contraption on their farm, and suddenly they find themselves shooting through space with strange green buddies.



Happy Birthday, Moon- Frank Asch

Ok, no astronauts here, but the moon’s in space!  This is an adorable story about a very nice bear who wants to do something nice for his new friend, the moon.



Waiting Is Not Easy!- Mo Willems

Seriously, I really love Elephant and Piggie!  If you’re not familiar with this book, you may be wondering why this is on a list of books about space.  Well, the two friends wait around all day until finally, the sky is full of stars!


Group 2-


Mousetronaut- C.F. Payne

A cute story about the littlest mouse of the bunch traveling to space and becoming a hero.



Otter In Space- Sam Garton

Otter keeper takes Otter to the museum where he finds a moon rock.  He decides to take his own journey into outer space and bring back his own rock!  Very cute, imaginative story.



The Sun Is My Favorite Star- Frank Asch

Simple story about all the wonderful things the sun does in a day.


I also found some cute aliens I cut out and laminated then glued a small piece of felt to the back for a simple flannel board story.  13015314_10207692821333239_2282647817292126371_n

The rhyme for the flannel board was:

5 Little Aliens

5 little aliens went out to play over the moon to the milky way.
mama alien went hep hep hep
4 little aliens came floating back.

Continue counting down until you get to 1

Then Father alien went HEP HEP HEP and the 5 little aliens came floating back


And of course we had to have a themed craft. I found a really cute, simple craft online using simple shapes to form a rocket. And just because it was fun, and most kids love to color, I googled “alien coloring page” and printed out one of the cute ones that come up for them to either do if they finished fast, or to take home.









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